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American ballet theater Swan Lake

2013-03-08 16:33:06


Date: March 8-10, 2013

Place: National Center of Performance Art

Price: RMB 880/780/700/600/380/280/180

As one of the greatest ballet dramas, Swan Lake is almost a synonym for the word “ballet” itself. The version presented by the American Ballet Theater (ABT) in 2000 is one of the most popular in recent times thanks to breathtaking choreography, luxury fashion, superlative design, magnificent stage sets, and spectacular production.

“Zack Brown’s designs are apt and mostly pretty, if a little wispy around the edges. Pointedly, his settings stress a lake. This might not seem a noteworthy detail, but you’d never know from various other productions that the lake of the title has anything to do with what occurs on stage,” commented The Wall Street Journal. In short, the American Ballet’s interpretation of the classic is as it should be: traditional and faithful to Tchaikovsky’s vision.

Source from China Today