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NCPA Original Drama: Wangfujing


NCPA Original Drama: Wangfujing

Venue: Theater of National Center for the Performing Arts

Dates: Sept. 27 - Oct. 07, 2012

Price: VIP/580/500/420/300/180 RMB

The drama Wangfujing features a grand panoramic view and flashbacks of the changes in Wangfujing, China’s well-known No.1 commercial street, as backdrop for a vivid portrayal of how Beijingers have lived and worked through history. As China’s equivalent to Park Avenue or Bond Street, Wangfujing epitomizes the country’s fortunes over a century. This street is an effective vehicle for this drama. It appears in the play not just as an old street but a symbol of core values representing the unchanging spirit of Beijingers as hardworking, passionate, tolerant and infinitely optimistic.

Opera: La Bohème

by the Shanghai Grand Theater and Austria

Salzburg Art Festival

Venue: Shanghai Grand Theater

Dates: Oct.18-20, 2012

Price: 980/680/480/280/180/80 RMB (Oct 18, 20) 680/480/300/240/160/80 (Oct. 19)

One of the operas performed most frequently the world over, Giacomo Puccini’s La Bohème has its grand premiere in 2012 at the Salzburg Festival, its brilliance assured by a star cast led by conductor Daniele Gatti. “For the second opera première of the Vienna Philharmonic, I would like to break the spell which seems to have decreed that Giacomo Puccini is an anathema to the Salzburg Festival – a fact I have never understood. Ever since this Festival was founded, there has been only one Tosca and one Turandot production, and none of his other works have ever appeared on the program,” Artistic Director Alexander Pereira said. The Shanghai Grand Theater will perform a new interpretation of the opera.

Editor: Liu Xiongfei