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14th China Shanghai International Arts Festival Will be Held in October



Sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, the 14th China Shanghai International Arts Festival has currently completed its preparation, and will be held between October 18 and November 20.

Stage performances and exhibitions form the major section of the festival. 23 plays and shows from both home and overseas will be stagted in the festival.

During the festival, the China Art Palace, converted from the Shanghai EXPO China Pavilion, and the Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art, converted from the Shanghai EXPO Future Pavilion, will open simultaneously on National Day. A dozen remarkable exhibitions, including the 2012 Chinese traditional paintings and prints invitational exhibition - "China in Impression" - sponsored by China National Academy of Painting and the center of the festival, would become an indispensable part of the festival.

Various mass art activities will consist of three blocks " Vibrant city", "Dynamic home" and "The world In mind". The Performing Arts Fair will attract more than 200 Chinese and Foreign organizations. The Art Festival Forum will focus on the diversity of art and cross-cultural cooperation. All the above activities, and the Young Artists Supporting Project set up in last session, together with 6 performances, including the 6th China Shanghai International Piano Competition and the 3rd Shanghai International Puppet Festival, will become highlights in the one-month festival.

Source: Guangming