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'Red Detachment' Ballet Celebrates PLA's 85th Founding Anniversary


The Red Detachment of Women, a ballet adapted from an earlier film of the same title, performed by the National Ballet of China, has scheduled two back-to-back performances on July 31 and August 1.

The performance celebrates the 85th founding anniversary of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) of China.

Based on a true story depicting the liberation of a farmer girl in Hainan Island and her rise in the Communist Party of China, both the film and ballet have been warmly received by Chinese audiences for over six decades, since the film's first premiere in 1961.

In 1963, under the suggestion from former Chinese premier Zhou Enlai, the Red Detachment ballet was created.

The first performance was staged at Beijing's Tianqiao Theater in 1964 by The National Ballet of China. Zhou was one of the first patrons of the ballet.

Regarded as a success by Chairman Mao Zedong, the ballet later became included in diplomatic activities.

According to History Reference magazine, the Red Detachment ballet was a successful performance that leaders from different countries attended when it was staged at the Great Hall of the People, during the 1960s and 1970s.

Until now, the ballet has been performed by five generations of dancers.

Besides film and ballet, the story of The Red Detachment of Women has also been adapted into Peking Opera, novels, symphonies and TV series, becoming one of the few works to withstand the test of time and reflect Chinese history in modern adaptations.

Source: Global Times