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Underwater Archaeological Finds on Display


An exhibition at the National Museum of China has showcased China’s latest underwater archaeological finds. Over 600 artifacts were on display, including priceless ceramics from the Yuan Dynasty.

Thanks to archaeologists, treasures buried for centuries underwater have now surfaced at the National Museum.

Zhang Wei, Deputy-Curator of National Museum of China, said, “We’ve displayed finds from more than 5 underwater sites. Each piece is exquisite and one of a kind, especially the porcelain from the Qing Dynasty.”

As part of the museum’s centenary celebration, the five-part exhibition features hundreds of photos and exhibits - mainly ancient ceramic works found in sunken ships, charts and illustrations, as well as multimedia installations. Even the advanced underwater diving equipment used has also been on display at the museum. It offers viewers a clear idea about the whole underwater archaeological discovery process, including surveying, excavation, preservation and conservation of shipwrecks and cultural relics.

Zhang Wei said, “We want to give a full picture of the progress China is making in the field of underwater archaeology in the past 25 years.”

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