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Chinese Traditional Paintings Exhibited in Vienna



An exhibition of Chinese traditional paintings was opened here Saturday at the Museum of Young Art (MOYA).

The exhibition, titled "Mountain Echo, Chinese Painting," displayed 32 paintings of three artists from China -- Li Baolin, Chen Yadan and Li Jiuhong, offering a platform for artists and painters living in Austria to learn about the Chinese painting through different painting styles.

This exhibition was also part of the program "the Europe Trip of Mountain Echo - Li Baolin European art exchange activities."

Li, who had studied with one of the most famous Chinese artists Li Keran, told Xinhua that the Chinese ink painting art remains relatively unknown to Westerners, who prefer oil painting.

It is a slow and long process for them to accept the Chinese painting art, he said.

During his visit to Europe this time, a Chinese painting exhibition and a Chinese painting art seminar will be held in Paris and Vienna respectively.

Chinese Ambassador Shi Mingde delivered a speech at the opening ceremony, saying that China and Austria enjoy a good tradition in cultural exchange.

The exhibition of the Chinese art in Vienna is the continuation and further development of cultural exchanges between the two countries, the ambassador said.

The project manager of MOYA, Laura Nechay, also said that more Chinese artists are welcomed to hold exhibition at the museum.

She also said that a painting from each of these three Chinese artists will be collected by MOYA.

Editor: Liu Xiongfei