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Wonderful Xinjiang —— Exhibition of Xinjiang Art Works



In the tremendous amount of painting relics, the art of painting Xinjiang has a long history and has made special contributions. Since the reform and opening up, the culture and art of Xinjiang has thrived like an oasis in the Gobi desert in a spring rain. Art workers of ethnic groups make full use of the colorful culture and art resources of Xinjiang, taking root in the national culture, going into the thick of life and working hard to contribute excellent art work to society, making due contributions to the prosperity of Xinjiang art and also becoming an important force in the artistic circle of China.

After the Central Symposium on Xinjiang Work, with the care, support and help of the CPC and all parts of the country, the economy and society of Xinjiang enter a period of rapid development. The culture and art of Xinjiang witness another spring and numerous art workers create with unprecedented enthusiasm to make great achievements.

 This exhibition mainly displays the new achievement in the developing and increasingly thriving Xinjiang art, as well as the excellent quality of persistence and transmission of civilization of Xinjiang art workers.


Editor: Wen Yi