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Works of Academic Artists on View in Beijing


Paintings from eight academic artists from the post-1970s era were on display at the 798 art zone on November 26.

The pieces from the post-70s artists focused more on inner feelings, while works from the post-60s or post-80s eras seem to pay much more attention to social changes.

An audience member observes an art piece which read “Shiji” in Chinese, or The Records of the Grand Historian, the first systematic Chinese historical text that profoundly influenced Chinese historiography and prose at the Baiyaxuan Arts Center on November 26.

An audience member observes one piece at Baiyaxuan Arts Center on November 26.

Pan Gongkai, president of China Central Academy of Fine Arts, said arts from academic establishments had to be developed in the market and be innovative instead of existing in limited space.

The artists, who are also teachers from China’s higher institute for fine arts, hoped to enlighten themselves for creations and teachings by showcasing their latest pieces and collecting feedback from the public.

Artist Pei Yongmei said she prepared for the exhibit for months and hoped such an interactive event with an audience could inspire her to make better creations.

 Audience members observe one piece at Baiyaxuan Arts Center on November 26.

The exhibit, which is being held at Baiyaxuan Arts Center in the 798 art zone, will remain open until December 15.

By Dong Lin