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Artist Huang Yao Exhibit at Shanghai Art Museum


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Huang Yao (1917-1987) was an acclaimed Chinese cartoon artist in the 1930s.Open on August 13, the exhibit  is the first time since 1947 that the works of Huang Yao have been exhibited in China.

His works inspired Chinese in their fight against the Japanese during the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression. Later, he played an important role in the introduction of Chinese calligraphy and painting to Southeast Asia. More than 160 works by Huang will be displayed at Shanghai Art Museum.

The exhibit features a rare set of paintings, known as the Contradiction collection, which were painted in1947 and will be donated by the Huang Yao Foundation to the Shanghai Art Museum. These paintings will complete the Shanghai Art Museum’s collection of the Shanghainese pop-culture cartoon masters from the 1930s.

A collection of his original drawings will then be handed over to the museum.

It lasts until August 15.

Editor: Dong Lin