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Break into S.Korean Comedy "Jump"


South Korean comedy "Jump" has kicked off its China tour recently, with its first stop at the Poly Theater in Yantai city, East China's Shandong Province. The show combines both traditional Korean martial arts and gymnastics skills in a comedic style. This unusual twist creates a hilarious atmosphere that keeps the audience in stitches from start to finish.

The comic-action story is set around a South Korean family and the thieves who break into their house. But the two clumsy burglars quickly find that is just not their day, for all the family members are Kungfu masters. They each boast their own unique expertise that take both the thieves and the packed house by surprise.

The show is packed with nonverbal humor. Physical comedy takes dominance, as well-trained actors spice things up with aerial rotations, flying kicks and somersaults.

All the astonishing scenes are complemented without the aid of computer generated high techniques.

Director of "Jump", said, "This is our first time to visit China. This production revolves around a South Korean family, and it is packed with slapstick comedy and also Kungfu elements like Taekwondo, and Chinese martial arts. I hope the show will take the audience by surprise."

Team members of "Jump" are all under the age of 30. Among them two are Chinese.

"Jump" will later tour 13 major cities around China.