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Dance Drama "The Dream of the Red Chamber"


Beijing audiences were thrilled when an experimental modern dance drama "The Dream of the Red Chamber" was staged at the Opera House of National Center for the Performing Art on the night of January 5 and 6.

The original dance drama "The Dream of the Red Chamber" is a 90-minute dance drama in 4 acts based on the Chinese treasured literature classic of the same name. Directed and choreographed by Zhao Ming with a score by Academy Award winning composer Su Cong, the dance drama follows the tragic story of love and marriage amongst its three main characters.

Written in the 18th century, The Dream of the Red Chamber depicts a feudal family saga that involves more than 400 characters and a wide range of social customs of the time. At the heart of the book is a Romeo and Juliet story among Baoyu, Daiyu and Baochai, who are children of the large noble family. Besides the love tragedy, the novel reflects the era's social reality and societal changes as it follows the descent of a typical feudal family.

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