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Performing Art

As art is borderless, communication through art provides a great platform for people from different nations to enhance mutual understanding and nurture friendship. Meanwhile, it plays an important role in facilitating the growth of artistic undertakings in different nations.

Chinese Musical Instruments

Plucked Musical Instruments
The ruan is a stringed musical instrument in China. In theQin Dynasty(221-206BC), people altered a wobbling drum into a stringed instrument.

Wind Musical Instruments
The xun is one of the oldest musical instrumentsin China, with a history of approximately 7,000 years.

String Musical Instruments
The banhu is also called banghu and qinhu. With a history of more than 300 years, it was developed along with the appearance of the local opera.

Percussion Musical Instruments
The drum is a percussion instrument frequently used in China.
Shadow Play and Puppetry

· A Brief Introduction of Chinese Puppetry
· Puppets from Various Places

· History of Chinese Shadow Play
· Schools of Shadow Play
Chinese Acrobatics

· The Oldest Performance Art in China
· Chinese Lion Dancing

· Chinese Acrobatic Ballet---Swan Lake
· Rhapsody in Silver
Chinese Opera

· Beijing Opera
· Kunqu Opera
· Sichuan Opera

· Qinqiang
· Henan Opera
· Huangmei Opera
Chinese Quyi

· Xiangsheng
· Art of quyi
· Pingshu
· Dagu and Gushu

· Errenzhuan
· Kuaishu and kuaiban
· Beijing Danxian
· Suzhou Pingtan
Performance Art in Minority

· Perfomance Art in Tibet
· Performance Art in Xinjiang
· Performance Art in Mongolia

· Nuo Culture
· Grand Songs of the Dong Ethnic Minority
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