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Brief Introduction to Medicine of Ethnic Minority Groups



Chinese medicine is not only medicine of Han people, but also medicine of other ethnic groups. The ethnic minority groups -- including Tibetan, Mongol, Uygur, Korean, Zhuang, Dai, Yi, Miao, Lahu, Oroqen, and so on --, living under different geographical locations and cultures, create medicines with their own characteristics.

These medicines' current status differs because of the ethnic groups' different histories and cultures. Some ethnic groups not only have lots of treatment methods in medicine, but also have many theories. Other ethnic groups retain a few books scattered among the people; these books need to be sorted out. And there are still some ethnic groups who transmit their medicine orally.

Some ethnic minority groups adopt the medicine of Han and medicine from other countries when forming their own medicine. For instance, Tibetan medicine adopts contents of Han and ancient Indian medicine, while Mongolian medicine takes in contents of Han, Tibetan, and Russian medicine and so on.



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