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Traditional Chinese Medicine-The Fifth Great Invention of China


Scientist Francis Bacon once gave a high opinion, when he appraised China's four big inventions' contribution to the world, saying, "They completely changed the world's appearanceā€¦there was no other country, religion, or person who had displayed as big an influence on human progress than them."There were many great inventions in ancient China. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) was one of them. TCM is not merely a general invention, but also a great invention, which in fact, can be called the "fifth great invention in ancient China."

First, TCM (the classical Chinese medicine system, which developed from ancient times to 1840) was originally created by China and is an outstanding representative of ancient China's science and technology.

Second, since the 1970s, Chinese medicine has spread to more than 140 countries and areas. Its scientific value and remarkable curative effect have been recognized by the medical circle and accepted by more and more people

Third, as a "great invention," Chinese medicine has value and significance that are recognized by the whole world.

Chinese Medicine's Importance to Civilization and Society

For one thing, Chinese medicine has many differences to western medicine. Chinese medicine can use its advantages to cover the disadvantages of western medicine, hence contributing to overall human health.

Next, Chinese medicine is deeply rooted in the study of life flow in the human body. Many famous foreign medical scientists have repeatedly pointed out that the theory of jingluo (channels) is profound and significant, adding that if China wants to take the Nobel Prize in medicine, Chinese medicine would be the most promising subject.

China's renowned scientistQian Xuesenonce said that the modernization in Chinese medicine would impel a breakthrough in human science and cause a new Renaissance in the East.

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