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Collection of Chinese Antiques



Dating back to the Song Dynasty (960-1279), the sculpted jade was used to fasten the long hair of a male who has come of age in ancient China. It features a carved, full-blown lotus flower on its upside. Lotus symbolized mankind’s quality of elegance and purity and never lowering one’s head to evil forces in the eyes of China’s ancient intellectuals. It is nine centimeters in height.

Such things to fasten a male’s hair could be made not only with jade, but also from other materials. Things like this are called Guan generally. According to its tradition, a male who turned 20, had to wear Guan to indicate he had become an adult in feudal China.


It is a casted sturdy steed in mid-gallop. It features a golden string connected both on the ring on the steed’s neck and one on its tail. The string is used to wear on people’s necks. The artwork dates back to China’s Northern Wei Dynasty (386-534).

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