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Tri-color Lacquerware of Yi Ethnic Group


Craftsmen appeared very early in the history of the Yi ethnic group. Lacquerware were like a shining star among Yi utensils. The most used colors in Yi lacquerware are black, red and yellow.


The technique used on Yi lacquerware started 1,700 years ago. The earliest Yi people created and used wooden and leather utensils, which was the origin of lacquerware. After the Han dynasty, Yi people developed the craft and created the lacquerware with their own ethnic characteristics.

Yi lacquerware have been developing along with Yi society. In recent years, it reached a certain artistic level and is popular with Yi people. Lacquer has wide uses, such as dinnerware, drinking vessel, and weapons. Its usage in dinnerware and drinking vessel still exits. In addition, wooden decorations, ancient armors, and some religious outfits also use the painting of lacquerware.


Lacquerware are made mostly from wood or leather. The wooden materials used for lacquerware are grown at 3,500 meters altitude. They’re processed through a complicated procedure. Labeled “green ecological lacquerware,” they’re non-toxic, odor-free, and can resist high temperatures.

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