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Crystal Chinese Liuli


The production tools of Beijing Liuli artwork are quite simple. With the improvement of technology the heating facility evolves from charcoal to balm light, and then becomes gas blowtorch.

Beijing, as the capital city of dynasties, has gathered craftsmen throughout the country, and also is the major production area of Liuli artwork. After hundreds years of development, there are more than one thousand types of Liuli artwork raging from Liuli animals to Liuli accessories, among which more than 95% are applied for exportation and tourism, gaining plenty of foreign exchange every year from Europe, America and Asia.

Liuli Pumpkin, modern craftwork

Chinese Liuli artwork is more than just a craftwork. It also contains philosophical and religious connotation. Glassware is the embodiment of personality, spirit and mental health.

By Qu Ran

Editor: Liu Fang

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