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Qipao, Sexy Elegance


Female Stars

As national Chinese style is becoming a theme in the modern fashion world, cheongsam has regained people's attention. On the stage of big international film festivals, a great many Chinese female stars, such as Zhang Ziyi and Gong Li, were dressed in cheongsams, modern versions of which have modified traditional design. Even many Western designers are incorporating elements of cheongsams into their designs.

Tips: how to wear it more skillfully?

1 No matter what your stature is, the cheongsams that hang just over your knees are the best choice, as they reveal your figure and shoes, a must-have accessory.

2 Whether a cheongsam is well-made depends on its material. Though chiffon is prevalent this year, silk still wins many people's favor. We advise buying material from specialty shops, which may be pricier, but ensure higher quality.

3 Cheongsams aren't just for women wearing their hair in a bun. High-collar cheongsams can also be worn by women with short hair and those with long and curled hair.

4 Pear necklaces and jade bracelets are traditional accessories, while a new one is a small, striking watch, adding a modern flavor to the traditional outfit.

5 Certain body types are best suited for cheongsams; smooth shoulders, round hips, a long neck, a proper bosom and a medium stature are preferred.

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