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Marriage certificates witness 200-year marriage custom

2013-03-25 15:08:01


Zhang Hongjun, an elderly man in Kaifeng, Henan, has collected more than 1,000 marriage certificates, ranging from Qing Dynasty to the present, including minority nationality areas such as Tibet and Xinjiang. Engagement, marriage,betrothol presents etc. all manifest themselves in these certificates. The picture shows Qing Dynasty marriage certificates.
A marriage certificate in Qing Dynasty shows how to pay respects to their parents, when to enter the bridal chamber and so on.
A marriage certificate in False Manchukuo Period. The paper is thicker, and the embellishment more magnificent. Despite the signature of the bride and bridegroom, the signatuture and seal of the officiator, marriage witness and the introducer were also added to the certificate.
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