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National famous tea emotion on the sea

2013-03-21 16:46:35



When opening the cultural history of China, you can feel the smell of tea almost on every page. Since the legend of Emperor Shennong tasted hundreds of herbs himself to, it has a long lasting market and gradually becomes the Chinese Tea Ceremony. National Famous tea includes benefit, politeness and morality. Tea focuses on taste , with the imagination and feeling of tea tasting. Choosing a silent place and drinking with flies, it will calm down your mind, stir you up and also sublime your spirit into the exalted art realm.

Tea ceremony of the Shanghai-style culture, not only keeps the characteristics of traditional tea room with the representative of Mid-lake Pavilion, but also there’re tea lovers creates the old-line and traditional tea-making and form the modern teahouse with characteristics of the Shanghai-style culture. The attractive aspect of tea ceremony is just like“moon inverts reflection in thousands of waters, but the reflection is different in thousands of ways”.

Tea ceremony is just like the moon, the human mind is just like thousands of waters and the tea thick as bitter medicine is just like our life; so as Sadhana needs comprehension, the experience of life need we tea drinkers to know with time flies. Tea ceremony of the Shanghai-style culture focuses more on the cultural environment and interests, on the cultural activities in human society and advocates calm and stoical life. The word is just like "man in the grass and trees". When drinking tea, people enjoy the beauty between human and the nature, without noisy and dispute, but only birds sing and flowers give forth fragrance, flowing cloudy and melodious music. Tea ceremony is regarded as a kind of elegance for molding a person’s temperament, experiencing the life as well as expressing your emotion, including quiet and beautiful drinking with the flies and also the refined tastes of gathering.