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China celebrates Spring Dragon Festival

2013-03-13 15:46:54


Wednesday is the 2nd day of the 2nd month in the Chinese lunar calendar, also known as the "Spring Dragon" festival. It marks the start of agricultural activities in the New Year.

Long, or the Chinese Dragon, enjoys a special place among the Chinese people. In Chinese mythology, the Dragon is master of rains and winds. On Spring Dragon festival day, the dragon raises its head and brings more rain to the land.

In South China, people celebrate this day by eating a special kind of sticky rice cake, and by wishing for good health.

In Zibo, Shandong province, people have stir-fried beans, to represent their hope for a good harvest.

Zhang Yuying, a Shandong resident, said, "We hope that by eating these stir-fried beans, the weather will be good this year and we will have a good harvest."

Elsewhere in Shandong province, sewing is not allowed, to avoid hurting the "dragon's eye". People in coastal areas will get their first haircut of the new year for good luck. In Shanghai, Mr. Tao brings two barrels of well water home and drops some coins within.

Mr. Tao, Shanghai resident, said, "It's a symbol for good fortune. I hope the water and coins will bring good weather and fortune to me this year."