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Pick the right tea for you

2013-01-06 15:00:35



While tea has long been a favorite drink of the Chinese, in the last few years, quite a few tea-flavored drinks are on the market. Supermarket statistics show that sales of Kangshifu Icy Black Tea, Green Tea or Afternoon Milk tea are far ahead of other drinks such as juice, water and bubble drinks. While it's wonderful to see the success of this traditional Chinese drink today, there are also concerns about choosing the right tea. Here's some information about tea.

Most tea related drinks are made by combining tea extracts with their original recipe, which leads to drinks like milk tea, and tea-flavored juice. A way of setting the good teas apart from the bad ones is the tea polyphenol content. National standards say the minimum tea polyphenol content for tea drinks is 600 milligrams per liter.

To pick the right tea, consumers need to know the tea first. Ordinary tea contains the following beneficial elements:

1 Alkaloid: It can help refresh the mind, boost the heart, eliminate toxins, relieve inflammation and get rid of hangover discomfort.

2 Tea polyphenol: It protects people from radioactive material, counter arteriosclerosis and activate capillaries.

3 Vitamins and fluoride: Various vitamins enhance the effect of alkaloid and tea polyphenol. Abundant fluoride is good for teeth.

4 Catechins: This antioxidant can do wonders to the skin by eliminating pigment residues.