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Problems in Life


It is a common theme in our daily lives to struggle, to face problems. Sometimes we can’t find a solution, and sometimes these bumps in the road make us feel stressed. However, you may want to look at your struggles this way: as experiences. Everything that happens in our lives, no matter how difficult it seems at the time, lays the foundation for our future.

As an old saying goes, “failure is the mother of success.” There is no doubt that we could acquire a wealth of skill during our lifetimes, often under difficult circumstances. I will never forget the day I met my Waterloo in the last math exam. I spent a large period of time studying for that exam and I really wanted to get a high score. However, the outcome turned out to be a disappointment. I was going to give up, but my mom encouraged me. She told me, never yield to math. So I practiced my math more and more. I made extraordinary progress in math. It leads me to believe that some difficult experiences will benefit us, and lead us to success.

There is no denying that a child will become an adult one day. We have to face hardships and no one will help us except ourselves. We should cultivate our independence and get stronger with each challenge we defeat. It is now common for students to study abroad. This is a worthwhile experience because they must figure out everything and look after themselves – abroad there are no parents to pick you up when you fall.

It is necessary for children to have some difficult experiences in their lives. When children grow up, these experiences will make them more capable of meeting challenges as adults.

By Ma Han (Rebecca), a student of Senior 2 from the High School Affiliated to the Renmin University of China