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Where is the Best Christmas Destination?


San Juan, Puerto Rico (file photo)

The Christmas season might be famous for carols and colored lights where you're from, but it's also the perfect time to experience new destinations and check out their holiday customs as well. From the jazz music and Nativity parades of New Orleans, to the Santa hats and sandy beaches of Australia, there's no better opportunity than Christmas to try seeing the holiday season in a brand-new light. Online travel adviser ( has compiled a list of its Top 10 most festive destinations for this year's holiday season.

1 San Juan, Puerto Rico

There are only more than a week of Christmas, right? Not in Puerto Rico. Celebrations begin the day after Thanksgiving and it keeps the Yuletide spirit flowing until the feast of the three kings on January 6. During the six-week-long festivity, visitors can enjoy the Christmas decorations seen at homes, businesses and streets. A must is one of Puerto Rico's famous holiday traditions - group caroling called parrandas. Visitors to this Caribbean locale can also experience unique holiday culinary customs. Delicacies include lechon asado - roast pig on a spit - a coconut pudding called tembleque and the sweet sap from a Chilean palm tree, coquito

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