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Movie Museums Celebrate Jackie Chan and Shanghai Cinema


A car Jackie Chan drives in his movie is showcased at Jackie Chan Film Gallery.

Shanghai, the cradle of Chinese film, will soon open two film museums - the Jackie Chan Film Gallery and the Shanghai Film Museum. Both are in the final stages of preparation and will open next year - Chan's first in early 2013.

"Tens of thousands of props, costumes and items Chan has used in his movies will be put on exhibit and visitors can retrace Chan's footsteps from Hong Kong to Hollywood," museum director Wu Gang recently told reporters. Movers are already putting exhibits in place.

The 4,000-square-meter space in a renovated factory covers the legendary star's film and charity career spanning more than 50 years.

Film clips will be screened and installations, screens and sound effects will recreate famous fight and chase scenes.

Action legend Jackie Chan personally chose the location for this world's first museum bearing his name in Shanghai's Putuo District in the Changfeng Ecological Commercial Zone.

New record holders

Chan was recently awarded two Guinness World Records titles, most credits in one movie and most stunts by a living actor.

Born in 1954 in Hong Kong, Chan started his film career as an anonymous stunt man at the age of 17. He soon became a sensation. To date, Chan has starred in more than 100 movies, which have totally grossed about 20 billion yuan (US$3.2 billion). He is famous for performing all his own stunts, despite pain and injury over the years.

The museum's installations will create scenes from "The Accidental Spy" (2001) in which Chan drives a golf cart and "Police Story" (1985) in which Chan crashes into a brick wall on his motorcycle.

In his latest action movie "Chinese Zodiac" (also known as "CZ12"), to be released next Thursday (December 20), Chan not only acts, but also directs, produces, choreographs the fight scenes and composes parts of the score. In all, he has 15 roles, breaking the previous Guinness World Record of 11 credits held by Robert Rodriguez. In the Chan museum, stories about the making of the film will be told in videos and photographs.

In addition to his screen accomplishments, museum visitors will also see exhibits, including videos and photos, of Chan's charity work over 24 years.

In 1988 the film icon established the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation, and in 2004 he founded the Dragon's Heart Foundation to help children and the elderly in poor and remote areas of China.

To celebrate the museum's opening, Chan will shoot a video in which he shares his thoughts on life, movies and dreams.

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