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Rise in Reading


Three key programs to promote Chinese publications in the world:

China Book International (CBI)

CBI dates back to China-France Culture Year in 2004, when China took part in the Paris Book Fair as guest of honor. The 73 kinds of Chinese books, translated and released by French publishers, with subsidies from the Chinese government, were well received. More than one third were sold during the one-week book fair. It was the first time that French publishers translated Chinese books on such a large scale and sold them through mainstream distribution channels. In the latter half of 2004, the State Council Information Office and the General Administration of Press and Publication jointly launched China Book International, a project to subsidize the overseas publication of Chinese books. To date, CBI has supported the translation of 2,156 books in 33 languages, in 54 countries and regions.

Project for Translation and Publication of Chinese Cultural Works (PTPCCW)

Peking University professor Yuan Xingpei, also director of the university's Institute for the Study of Traditional Chinese Culture, proposed to President Hu Jintao that the country should attach importance to its traditional cultural classics, when Hu attended the university's centennial celebration in 2008. PTPCCW was initiated in 2009, as an enhanced version of CBI. While CBI subsidizes translation fees of popular publications, PTPCCW emphasizes book series in the fields of culture, literature, science and technology, and provides funding for translation, publication and promotion. To date, PTPCCW has supported the translation and publication of 373 books in six languages, in nine countries and regions.

Window to China

Window to China is a book donation program initiated by the State Council Information Office in 2006. Books on Chinese politics, economy, society and culture are donated to well-known foreign libraries, some of which have set up special Window to China donation rooms or stands. Four major Chinese libraries are involved, with the National Library of China donating books to foreign national and public libraries, China Academy of Social Science Library working with foreign institutes and research organizations, Peking University Library distributing books to foreign university libraries, and Shanghai Library donating books to the libraries in their partner cities. Since its initiation, the program has donated more than 160,000 copies to 180 libraries in 65 countries and regions.

By Yang Guang