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Pearl Dumpling


Zhenzhu yuanzi

Pearl Dumpling

A West-Sichuan specialty, shiny as pearl, tender, sweet, and delicious.

Ingredients: Cooked glutinous rice 400g, sweetened bean paste filling 300g, candied cherry 50g, egg 100g, ground starch 100g, glutinous rice 50g.


1. Mix while hot the cooked glutinous rice (Preparation: rinse rice , steep in water 5 hours, cook till 90% done, drain off rice water) with starch and egg. Steep glutinous rice and drain off water.

2. Divide cooked rice mixture into 25g lumps. Wrap up sweetened bean paste filling (Preparation: water-puff red bean. Steam, cool, and dry under sunlight. Grind and sieve away peels. Shallow fry with oil and sugar until powdery) and make in ball-shape. Cover dumpling balls with puffed glutinous rice. Inlay a half cherry on top of each dumpling ball and steam with high heat.

Editors: Yang Xin