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Rose Potato Pie


Meigui tudou bing

Rose Potato Pie

A West-sichuan specialty, of golden color, aromatic, and sweet taste.

Ingredients: big white potato 500g, cooked rape oil 1. 1kg(50g to be consumed), white sugar 50g, rose candy filling 250g, starch 100g, baked sesame powder 50g.


1. Rinse peeled potatoes, steam well and mix potato mash with starch 50g. Divide potato dough into small pieces.

2. Wrap rose candy filling with potato dough piece, press into pie shape, cover pies with starch. Mix white sugar with sesame powder.

3. Heat rape oil 70% hot, put in pies by sliding, and fry until golden yellow and crisp. Serve pies on plates with sugarsesame powder dusted on top.

Editors: Yang Xin