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Fisherman Customs of Zhejiang Water Village


Every village holds the sacrificial ceremony together in every Tomb-sweeping Day. In the morning, the host village moves the statue of the Maming King from the temple to the boat, in the case of all the boats participating in the ceremony to worship. Each village performs their specialty: Longdeng boat, Lantern tour, Multi-petalled boat: children perform with make up. Goals for the boat: the entertainer climbs a 10-meter-high thick bamboo and plays acrobatics. Boat sparring: boxing on a boat. Burn incense boat: children sing and dance to the “Burn incense song” with incense stool in hand. There is the shaking the clippers race on the open river nearby which usually lasts three to seven days. Tourists are everywhere and boats have no place to park. Mikes’ of boats of wine shops and teahouses are crowded with people. The ancient sacrificial ceremony has become a huge carnival.

Nan Lake huge crab in Jiaxing, Trejiao crab under Luodongsigu bridge and Dang crab in Qizhenqianmu are famous kinds of crab in Jiaxing, but all can’t catch the fame of Xitang’s speciality—Fen Lake crab. The Fen Lake crab has small pincers and a big body, which is distinguished by red and green colors. Red ones have long soft fur while green ones are smoother. Both have purple gills so it is also called the purple gill crab. It has been praised that drinking and admiring chrysanthemum while enjoying the crab is an elegant activity.

We hope that as time goes by, the fishermen’s customs of the Zhejiang water village will be inherited and spread to a wider population.

Editor: Shi Liwei


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