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Hot Soupless Noodles


A traditional delicacy in Wuhan, of golden colour and good taste, Hot Soupless Noodles has a history of more than 60 years. It is said to have been originated in the 1930s, when a man called Libao was selling bean-starch jelly and soup noodles in Changdi Street of Hankou. One hot day, in fear of weather spoiling, he boiled the unsold noodles and cooled them on a board. Accidentally, he spilt sesame oil on the noodles. He had a brain wave and mixed the oil up with the noodles and fanned them cool. The next day, Li heated the oiled noodles in boiling water and drained off water and put in bowls with seasonings, which made the noodles send out steam and an appetizing smell. The food became a hot buy and people enjoyed it greatly. When he was asked what kind of noodles he was selling, he said unwittingly “Hot Soupless Noodle. ” After that it became popular in Wuhan and later in the whole province.


(for 25 bowls)Class A wheat flour 2.5kg, chilli powder 25g, dried and shelled shrimps, minced, 55g, monosodium glutamate 15g, sesame paste 250g, white vinegar 100g, refined sesame oil 100g, soda ash 20g, grilled pork, diced, 60g, chopped scallion 100g, rutabaga 100g, sesame oil 50g, soy sauce 750g.


1. Dissolve soda ash in fresh water, then put it into wheat flour and knead. Put dough in roller press, while scattering dusting flour, press the dough several times, finally into a long sheet 4mm thick. Divide into two, and cut with noodle cutter into round noodles 3mm in diameter.

2. Cook noodles in boiling water for 3 minutes. Take out and strain off water. Fan cool and mix with sesame oil.

3. Dilute sesame paste with sesame oil. Put chilli powder into heated sesame oil to make the chilli oil.

4. Put oiled noodles in bamboo drainer and heat in boiling water, then strain off water. Put noodles in bowls and scatter shrimp, grilled pork, rutabaga, sesame paste and other seasonings.

Editor: Yang Xin