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Dezhou Braised Chicken


A traditional delicacy in Dezhou, Shandong Province created during the reign of Emperor Guangxu (throne: 1875--1909) of the Qing Dynasty (1644--1911) with a history of more than 100 years. Citizens from home and visitors from abroad are certain to have a taste of the chicken when they pass Dezhou. It features red glossy skin, tender texture, aromatic smell and juicy taste.

Ingredients: a hen 1kg, dried mushroom 5g,ginger 5g,soy sauce 150g,salt 25g,peanut oil 1.5kg (100g to be consumed), spices 5g,some malt sugar.


1. Process the chicken remove intestines rinse clean Twist wings at the back. Tuck legs in the cavity.

2. Mix maltose with water. Rub evenly on the chicken. Heat oil 80% hot. Deep-fry the chicken until golden brown. Take out and drain off oil.

3. Add enough clean water in wok to submerge the deep-fried chicken. Put in the chicken and a spice bag, add ginger, salt, soy sauce while water is boiling. Change to gentle heat and let it stew for half an hour until it is well-done. Take out and serve hot.

Editor: Yang Xin