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Eight-Treasure Lotus Seed Porridge


Eight-Treasure Lotus Seed Porridge is a Beijing specialty with high nutritional value. It is not only a soft, sweet summer refreshment, but also not a tonic food. In addition, the recipe is very simple so it has become a household porridge in Chinese families.

Effects: Invigorates the function of the spleen and stimulates the appetite, replenishes blood, dispels heat in summer

Ingredients: sticky rice 400g, coix seeds 100g, lotus seeds 250g, greengage 50g, walnut seeds 75g, dates 100g, shelled melon seeds 25g, candied apples 100g, candied peaches 100g, white raisins 75g, haw jelly 100g, white sugar 250g, osmanthus sugar 50g, soda powder 50g. The ingredients are prepared for 10 bowls.


1. Clean the coix seeds, remove the core and boil in a wok until 80% done.

2. Rinse the sticky rice, add 160g cold water and boil with high heat, remove coix seeds and simmer with low heat until it is soft and glutinous. Divide them into 10 bowls, and let them cool.

3. Remove the peel of lotus with soda powder and water, cut off the both ends and remove the seeds, steam for 30 minutes.

4. Lay the lotus seeds and other candied fruits on the porridge in a certain pattern. Sprinkle on the osmanthus sugar sauce and cool in a refrigerator.

Translated by Jiang Yilingzi

Editor: Yang Xin