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Crystal Sugar and Lotus Root Ball


An East-Sichuan specialty, white, fresh, tender, and delicious.

Ingredients: Fresh thick lotus root 500g, pork 300g (50% lean), white sugar 250g, candied tangerine 25g, sweetened melon shreds 25g, candied osmanthus flower 5g, 1 egg, dried steamed rice 100g.


1. Mince peeled lotus root and squeeze out juice.

2. Mince pork. Dice rock sugar, candied tangerine, sweetened melon shreds, and osmanthus flower. Puff dried steamed rice in hot water. Then strain off water.

3. Beat egg and mix with lotus root, diced candied fruit, and white sugar 150g (add lotus juice if too dry). Make 20 balls. Put balls in a bamboo basket and roll with the puffed dried steamed rice. See to it that the balled are covered evenly with the rice.

4. Steam with high heat. Sprinkle white sugar when serve.

Editor: Dong Lin