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'Ip Man 4' gets extended run as Chinese theaters gradually reopen

Updated: 2020-03-26 08:44:25

( Xinhua )

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Blockbuster martial arts film "Ip Man 4" will see a month-long extension for its box run on the Chinese mainland as movie theaters are gradually reopening in some cities following an improvement in local coronavirus epidemic situations.

The latest installment in the film franchise "Ip Man" based on the life of a legendary Wing Chun master will be available in Chinese theaters until April 25, according to the film's co-distributor Huaxia Film Distribution.

Premiering on the Chinese mainland on Dec 20, 2019, "Ip Man 4" had already garnered a box office revenue of more than 1 billion yuan (about $140 million) before the coronavirus outbreak forced the closure of public venues including theaters.

The 2016 film "Ip Man 3" generated a Chinese mainland box office revenue of more than 770 million yuan.

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