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Easy Talk: Flemish pianist's cultural engagement with China

Updated: 2018-12-27 11:19:36

( chinadaily.com.cn )

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Peter Ritzen is a Flemish pianist composer and conductor. As a pianist, Ritzen has played throughout Europe, Asia and the US. But one of the biggest highlights in the musician's career is his wide-ranging contacts with Chinese culture, which has resulted in a rich repertoire of China-related compositions. How has Chinese art and culture shaped his musical career? What are some of the changes he has witnessed in China's music landscape over the past few decades? Peter Ritzen answers these questions in the latest episode of Easy Talk.

Host: Hu Zhe

Guest: Peter Ritzen

Camera: Yu Xiaoou & Fu Rui

Editing: Yu Xiaoou

Subtitles: Yang Xiaoyu

Producer: Hu Zhe

Executive Producer: Feng Minghui

About Easy Talk:

Easy Talk is a talk show program covering the latest living-related issues in today's China. Foreigners living in China are invited to share their life experiences and observations on a variety of light topics. The discussions revolve around the cultural differences that exist between China and other countries, covering various aspects and the implications they have on China's cultural exchange with the world.

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