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Women of the Dong ethnic minority wear clothing made of homespun and home-dyed cloth. They wear collarless and broad-sleeved jackets without buttons and a small strip is attached to the edge of the jackets. Women in some areas inlay laces to their cuffs, bottom of trouser legs and the two pieces in the front of the jackets. They wear trousers or pleated skirts, with waistbands and leggings.         

The hairstyle varies from place to place. In some places, women comb their hair into a bun on the back of the head, inserting silver comb in the bun or wrapping it up with blue or white angular kerchiefs; in some places, women comb their hair in front of the forehead, coiling a white kerchief into a strip to wind from the left to right around the hairline; in some places, young women comb their long hair into a bunch and coil it around the head from the left to the right and insert a silver hairpin at the end of the bunch. 

They like to adorn their hair with silver comb, and wear silver earrings, silver bracelets and silver flowers and so on. In the past, countryside women seldom wore shoes or socks, but some wore shoes with a crooked head and a thick tread.

Men usually wear short jackets with buttons down the front. In the mountain regions to the south, they wear collarless jackets. Men wear blue kerchiefs, which are around 4 meters long and are coiled around the head. In festivals, dancing accompanied by theLushengmusic, men wear colorful clothes made of the local cotton, colorful skirts and coil silver batches around their heads inserted with white plumes. Some men dress like knights with blue jackets, white trousers, leggings, white kerchiefs, silver necklines and silver bracelets and fingerings, and hang a gourd containing powder on the waist.

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