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Updated: 2018-08-07 14:59:34

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The China Arts and Entertainment Group (CAEG), the first large state-owned cultural enterprise, is inaugurated after the merger of the China Performing Arts Agency and the China International Exhibition Agency on April 5, 2004, as a major step to transform Chinese culture and art institutions into modern enterprises.

Funded by theState Counciland supervised by the Ministry of Finance in its state property operation, the group is currently under the administration of the Minister of Culture. It consists of nineteen wholly owned enterprises, two share-holding enterprises and one Stock Company.

The giant Group will speed up the establishment of a modern enterprise system, create a favorable and integrated industrial chain, and establish the stockholding system and go public. In the long-term development of CAEG, three major directions are emphasized:

1. Accelerating the establishment of the modern enterprise system, and making long- and medium- term corporate strategies in accordance with cultural industrial policies of the country.

2. Creating an integrated cultural industrial chain, and with the focus on performances and exhibitions, developing multi-businesses including supervision on theaters, brokage of art works, publication of books and AV products, as well as the operation of papers and magazines, television and internet.

3. Pushing forward the reform of stockholding system on the premise that the controlling status of state-owned capital is ensured, and introducing capital and strategic investment at home and abroad in preparation of capital operation and going public.

As one of the experimental units, the establishing of CAEG sets a major step to reform the cultural and art institutions in China.

The China Performing Arts Agency and the China International Exhibition Agency are both cultural exchange institutions under theMinistry of Culture, undertaking cultural exchange projects between governments of China and foreign countries. By far, they are considered as the two performing and exhibition agencies of the largest scale and the biggest market share among all competitors in China.

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Address: No.25, Dongsishitiao,Beijing
Post Code: 10007
Tel: (86-10) 64032702 Fax: (86-10) 64015802

The China Performing Arts Agency, established in1978, is also known as the China Company of Performances Abroad. It is a cultural exchange institution under the Ministry of Culture.

Duties and tasks: To carry out Cultural agreements and cultural cooperative plans between the Chinese government and foreign governments and approved exchange programs of related artistic organs (including those fromHong Kong,MacaoandTaiwan); to create annual schedules and concrete plans for foreign artistic organs to visit China and for Chinese organs to go abroad according to cultural agreements and exchange plans; to conduct exchanges of folk art and paid performances and provide reception services for visiting foreign artistic organs; and to provide consultative services to departments in charge of commercial performances abroad for Chinese organs and handle paid performances entrusted by local governments.

Establishment: The China Performing Arts Agency includes a General Manager's Office, Performance Service Department, Asia-Pacific International Department, America Department, Europe and Africa Department, Public Relations Department and a cultural service company.

Major achievements: Since 1978, the China Performing Arts Agency has sent 24,475 people from 672 artistic organs to other countries and has received 12,946 people with 384 foreign artistic organs.

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Address: No.A 25, Dongsishitiao, Beijing
Post Code: 100007
Tel: (86-10) 64012605 Fax: (86-10) 65123070

The China International Exhibition Agency, founded in 1978, is a cultural exchange institution under the Ministry of Culture.

Duties and tasks: To carry Out Cultural agreements and cooperative plans between the Chinese government and foreign governments and exchange programs of cultural and artistic exhibitions approved by the Ministry of Culture and to formulate annual schedules and executive plans for foreign exhibitions in China and Chinese exhibitions abroad; to organize governmental and non-governmental, bilateral and multi-lateral cultural and artistic exhibitions abroad and to take charge of sending exhibition groups; to oversee governmental and non-governmental foreign Cultural and artistic exhibitions in China as well as private exhibitions and to receive exhibition personnel and those who come to discuss the prospect of exhibiting in China; to organize artistic works the participate in international exhibitions and activities, including as part of exhibitions involved in comprehensive activities (such as art festivals); to conduct artistic exhibition exchanges between the mainland and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan; to provide consultative services for organizations that plan to hold exhibitions abroad or plan to receive foreign exhibitions; and to conduct other cultural and artistic exchanges.

Establishment: The China International Exhibition Agency includes the General Office, Exhibition import Department and Exhibition Export Department.

Major achievements: On average, the China International Exhibition Agency sends some 30 Chinese cultural and artistic exhibitions abroad every year and brings more than 20 foreign exhibitions to China.

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