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North Quyi School of China

Updated: 2018-08-07 14:59:34

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Address: Ninaiiafangri, jinyan Highway, Nankay District, Tianjin

Post Code: 300381

Tel: (022) 3914834

The North Quyi School of China (NQS), founded in 1986, is a middle-level specialized education institution under the Ministry of Culture.

Duties and Tasks: Recruit students from 15 provinces in the north   part of China; train Quyi creation personnel and management personnel; and provide performers of short Quyi pieces, Quyi accompanists, performers of chanting and long-story tellers.

Establishment: NQS has Dean's office, Teaching and Research office, General office and the Department of Students' Affairs.

Major Achievements: NQS has turned Out 95 graduates since its establishment, 21 of them won prizes in artistic competitions.

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