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Shanqhai Drama Institute

Updated: 2018-08-07 14:59:34

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Address:No. 630 Huangshan Road, Shanghai 

Post Code: 200040 

Tel: (86-10) 62481866   fax: (86-10)62482646

The Shanghai Drama institute (SDI), founded in 1945 and reestablished in 1952, is an institution of higher education under the Ministry of Culture. Duties and Tasks: Provide drama personnel undergraduates, postgraduates and doctor-degree students - for drama troupes, film studios and TV stations throughout China; provide advanced-study and short term training courses for people at their posts as well as various courses for minority nationality students; and do research work in drama play, film and TV programs.

Establishment: SDI has Performing Department, Stage Art Department, TV Art Department, Drama Literature Department, Directing Department, editing office of Art of Drama, a drama research institute, library, Experimental Theatre, Public Teaching Department and President's Office, Department of Students' Affairs, Dean's office and Foreign Affairs Office.

Major achievements: Since 1978, SDI has made the follow achievements that have won State' and ministry-level prizes:History of Drama Theory Research of Wang jide's Rhyme of Quyi, Dresses and Adornments of Chinese Nationalities, On the Land of Hope, Teaching of Performances of Minority Nationalities,WSZ-750W stage xenon Iamp; SLC-11 computer light controller; president situation and development trend of China's stage light technology;Teaching of Drama Literature, Psychology of Drama Aesthetics, History of Chinese Ancient Dresses and Adornments From Cai Wenji to Story of Galileo - Vivid and Boldness of Stage Art, and Research of Aesthetics of Stage Figures.

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