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Forging stronger Sino-US links

Updated: 2018-01-03 07:48:28

( China Daily )

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Arizona State University increasingly aspires to expand partnerships in China, the school's president Michael Crow says.

As a renowned US public-research university that has been ranked No 1 among innovative schools by the US News & World Report, "our goal is to be inclusive to the broadest cross section of people from every family background-as good as any faculty that exists anywhere", says Crow.

"Our approach is to make certain that the university is able to touch everyone with their learning needs."

Crow also talked about ASU's links with Chinese students during his recent visit to Beijing.

What's the driving force for you to enhance your China connection?

Since 1979, China has been emerging as a global economic power. What had driven us is the desire for a positive relationship with China on all perspectives, and China has been a very important destination for development. China is a country that has done more to eliminate poverty than any country in history.

What's different about how ASU attracts Chinese students compared with US universities in coastal regions?

I think the highly innovative curriculums we have in our university are the most important part for us. Also, we have 400 different degree programs connected between engineering and art, between business and science, between music and philosophy. Chinese students who are involved in these programs create good opportunities for new learning ways and many unique pathways.

How do you view the differences between Chinese and US education?

Actually, there are many similarities. But, in our particular case, we are striving to be as empowering relative to creativity as possible. So, we think that knowledge is one thing and creativity is another thing, and we are trying to do both. That's an important thing for us.

What are the most challenging adaptations for Chinese students in US universities?

The most difficult thing, in my opinion, is to engage American culture. You have many choices of issues, so you have to make lots of decisions about your choices-for example, your major choice, the track of your major and your second major. How fast will you go through your major and the different speeds that you can go through?

ASU provides 1,200 student clubs students can participate in. Lots of options and decisions as well as opportunities are provided to students at the same time to offer a platform for students to be involved.

Going to school is not a rigid step-by-step process but a process where you can make hundreds of decisions to design your own educational experiences.

ASU set up a portfolio for students that involves everything that students have created at college. We have a student body that's representative of all family backgrounds to make sure students have much easier access to great thinkers.

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