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Ancient bronze mace and acupuncture needles found in Southwest China

Updated: 2017-10-12 10:50:42

( Xinhua )

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More than 6,000 items, including a bronze mace and three sets of acupuncture needles, have been found in sites in Southwest China's Sichuan province.

These items from 22 sites in Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture are from between late Neolithic period and the Han Dynasty (206 BC - 220 AD). Archaeologists have excavated 646 tombs, 322 dwellings and several thousand pits.

Chen Wei with Sichuan provincial cultural relics and archaeology research institute who led the excavation, believes that one of the most important items is a bronze mace. Three sets of stone needles could prove valuable in the study of acupuncture in ancient China.

Archaeologists also found stoneware, pottery, accessories such as bronze bracelets and earrings, as well as turquoise and agate.

"These items are significant in the study of formation and migration of ethnic groups in southwest China," Chen said.

Excavation at the site is continuing.

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