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Tibetan-language films light up China's big screen

Updated: 2017-08-04 16:50:30

( Xinhua )

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A still of the film Soul on a String. [Photo/mtime.com]

The Tibetan-language film Soul on a String will be released on Aug 18, two months after the debut of another Tibetan-language hit film.

With box office sales nearing 100 million yuan ($15 million) since its release on June 20, Path of The Soul, directed by Zhang Yang, traces the story of a Tibetan family's pilgrimage from Chamdo to Lhasa and the holy Mount Kangrinboqe.

Also directed by Zhang, Soul on a String tells the story of a Tibetan wanderer from a distant time who discovers a sacred stone, and the quest to return it to its rightful home on a holy mountain.

Film commentator Lu Jinbo said the film is a thought-provoking philosophical work and a thorough demonstration of Tibetan culture.

Zhang said that compared to the plain and realistic narrative style of Path of The Soul, Soul on a String features magical elements and splendid scenery. Major scenes in the film were shot at ancient cultural sites and natural landscapes in Tibet's Ngari prefecture.

"The film allowed me to have a deeper understanding of the lifestyle and religious beliefs of the Tibetan people, which is very inspiring," said a Shanghai resident surnamed Fang, who was a fan of Path of The Soul.

Zhang Yang said that the box office success of Path of The Soul shows that Chinese moviegoers are maturing as thoughtful literary films are gaining popularity.


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